• EricZ
    We are excited to announce that we have started our public beta program!

    We have had thousands and thousands of requests to become part of our testing program and we are very excited to have you test our app. To make this process more manageable, we are rolling out the enrollment in waves. The first invitations were just sent out via Apple TestFlight.

    If you signed-up at our website and have not receive an invitation from Apple's TestFlight program - Don't Worry! You will get your invitation in the next wave that are being sent out.

    Some General Notes:

    1. You must have an iPhone X if you want to scan a face.
    • If you do not have an iPhone X, we are providing a sample file so you can see what the results are like if you had an iPhone X.

    2. Our app only works on human faces, so if you try to scan your pet... it will not work!

    • See the in-app video tutorial for tips on how to scan for best results.
    • Moving your head at a constant speed from side-to-side will deliver the best quality.
    • Try to have a soft light in front of you. A strong overly bright light on top or in back will reduce the scan quality.

    Known Bugs & Issues
    • The "Export to Camera Roll" can crash if you interrupt the export. Its a known bug and we are fixing it.
    • Facebook posting will not work right now. Facebook has stopped approving new applications for the moment, so our app is currently pending approval from Facebook for posting in 3D. Stay tuned. We will let you know when its activated in a following rev.

    So... Have fun. Scan your face. Scan your friend's face. Scan your friend's friends face. Move your VIRTUAL head completely around and see it from all angles. Zoom in and out. Turn on the Light Bulb and move it around. Turn off the photo effect to see the contours of your own face as it really is in 3D.

    Download now from your TestFlight invitation to start the fun!
  • Michael Fricano II
    I'd love to see these features added at some point:
    - scan top of head also
    - export as a 3D model file
    - scan other objects, not just human faces
  • Steve Talkowski
    Just got my beta invite and first scan (in mere seconds) went off without a hitch! When do we get to output an .obj file and texture map? ;)

    I also agree with all three of Michael's requested features. :)
  • Bert Haverstock
    Not really where this code is I’m supposed to redeem is?
  • Juan
    Hellou, how i can download the beta versión??
  • sunyoung
    Hi Thanks for your effort to create this beautiful app. It really is a breakthrough worldwide.
    We are a medical device manufacturing company in South Korea and we were so waiting for this kind of revolutionizing app to appear.
    One thing we are very in concern: does this scan human body as well? not to the rear part of course, but frontal side perhaps? It will be a magic in medical field if that is possible. We are hoping to hear from you regarding this issue. Thanks,
  • Simon Graf
    As I would like to scan my patients faces, how can I change from the front camera to the back camera with higher resolution??
    And I want to export the 3D data(stl-file or any data in color) and use it in my orthodontic analysis software!
    regards Simon
  • Duncan Brown
    This is the best idea I've seen in ages! I would also love to change to back camera if possible!
  • EricZ

    Since we are using the TrueDepth "FaceId" Camera on the iphone X - we can only scan using the front camera.

    We would love to use a back facing depth camera - if Apple had one!


  • Payou
    Hello, it's almost fifteen days since I made my request to benefit from the application in question. But unless I'm mistaken, I still can not download it. Will I receive an email, code or link for this to work? cordially
  • Timothy Rankin
    Are there any plans currently in place to be able to compare 2 images? I would be very interested to compare "before and after" photos.
    It will not work on Ios 12. Picture just comes out white.
  • EricZ

    Thanks. We have a fix on the way. Should be up in the App store in the next week.
  • EricZ

    Hi - The Bellus3D FaceApp is available in the App Store. Please download the latest version:
  • EricZ

    Hi - The Bellus3D FaceApp is available in the App Store. Please download the latest version:
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